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Shelley Koster
Bartlesville and Grand Lake Realtor

When you are looking at houses it can be very easy to get hung up on cosmetic things that can be changed. This leads many shoppers to passing up on a great opportunity or on a home that would be perfect for them, only because they didn’t like the paint color.

Here are eight things that can be changed and that you should ignore while viewing a potential house.

1. An Older Home

The word, “old” has a reputation for many bad.

The truth is, just because a house is old doesn’t mean it is bad. In some cases, older homes have been built sturdier and with greater detail than their newer counterparts. When a new subdivision goes up, builders can be tempted to build with cheap, quick materials to make the cost less and maximize their profits.

While this is not the case every time, it is still something to keep in mind and remember, don’t pass over a house just because of its age.

2. Paint Colors

Repainting might not be an ideal way to spend a weekend, but nevertheless it can be done.

The paint colors are something that can easily and cheaply be changed, therefore if you walk into an open house, don’t be thrown off by the wacky pink and green in your soon to be guestroom.

3. Wallpaper

Another thing that is hard to see pass is the wallpaper, but just like paint, it too can be changed.

While it might take you a little longer, some elbow grease, and some major cleanup removing wallpaper is not that difficult. Here is a great website that will show you how: diynetwork.com

However, should you not want to do-it-yourself, there are professionals that will do it for you.

4. Ugly Carpet

Redoing the flooring of a home can cost a pretty penny, however, it shouldn’t be the reason to pass up on a house.

Putting all new carpet, tile, or hardwood floors, can cost you anywhere between $2 – $6 per square foot; depending on the type, grade, and quality. Plus, if it is really bad, and there are too many damages, you might have an opportunity for asking a lower price for the home.

5. Lingering Odor

Minus a serious mold problem, there are very few smells that can’t be eliminated by a good deep cleaning. If you find yourself falling in love with a house, but not with the smell, look into what you can do to fix it before passing up on a great home.

6. Landscaping

The great thing about the yard and surrounding landscape is it is ever changing. The landscaping of a home is something that can easily and quickly be improved by you.

7. Privacy

If you are looking at a home that feels like it lacks privacy, just remember: good fences make good neighbors, and putting up a fence takes roughly three days.

8. Dated Lighting or Sink Fixtures

The last thing that can be changed, and that you should ignore when looking at a potential home is dated lighting or sink fixtures. Just like everything else, those can be swapped out with minimal effort.

In an ideal world, potential homes will have everything that you want to your exact specifications, but this is hardly ever the case. Keep in mind how easy it is to change things you do not like, and don’t pass up on a great home because of one, wrong minor detail.

Until next time, keep loving our city.

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