Bringing Your Home into the Future – Part 1


Shelley Koster
Bartlesville and Grand Lake Realtor

Welcome to 2016! This year is full of exciting opportunities and changes that we can make!

One of those changes being in your home. Over the years, our homes can become very dated, and if we ignore it very soon our home can become prehistoric. While we don’t have flying cars and robot maids there are a ton of different ways you can bring your home into the future!

We set out to find those ways, and we divide them up in two blogs. The first – the one you’re reading now – will go through very general areas of your home that you can change. While the second – the one you can click here to read – will sum up five very unique gadgets you can add to your home in order to bring it into the future.

Okay, let us not waste any more time. Here is part one of bringing your home into the future!  

1. Thermostat

Your old, outdated thermostat is most likely costing you a bundle. For many of us, we never think of our thermostat’s, – unless one breaks – but a modern one is able to save you a pretty penny.

Modern thermostat’s are more precise in their temperature reading, which helps you to get your home’s climate to the perfect spot. Modern thermostat’s are also programmable which means your heater isn’t running while you’re at work. Another great feature of a modern thermostat is the ability, that many have, to communicate with your phone, allowing you to make changes to your home’s temperature while you are away.

2. Appliances

Bringing your home’s appliances up to date will change your life dramatically. Here are the three big ones we think you should update right away:

Washer/Dryer: A new washer/dryer will help you to save on your utility costs.

Dishwasher: Modern dishwashers help you to get your dishes cleaner without and save on your water bill.

Refrigerator: Today’s refrigerator can do pretty much everything, but dance. They are spectacular at keeping your groceries fresh longer and your frozen items from getting freezer burn.

3. Windows

Over the years, your windows can begin to lose their ability to keep your hot/cold air from escaping. If this is the case in your home, then it might be time to replace your old windows. New windows will help keep the indoors from getting out and the outdoors from getting into your home. They can also offer your home more safety, as older window becomes easier and easier to break into overtime.

4. Door Locks

Speaking of safety it might be time to redo your current door locks. Today’s door locks have gotten incredibly more high-tech. Many are able to be controlled through your cell phone, rather than a key, which allows you to lock/unlock your doors with the touch of a button and a passcode. This puts the power of getting into your home solely on you and will keep your home safe from intruders who know how to pick a lock.

5. Interior

Lastly, it is time to bring the interior of your home into the future, cosmetically speaking. This year you should strive to update at least one of your rooms, giving it a more modern feel and look.

In our next post we have collected gadgets you should add to your home this year! Read more by clicking here.

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