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Shelley Koster
Grand Lake & Bartlesville Realtor

If you are getting ready to move, then you have some big choices to make. One of those will be whether or not you will hire movers. Hiring movers will save you a lot of time, but it is expensive and means less money in your pocket.

If you aren’t into spending that kind of dough, then you’ll have to move yourself.

Moving yourself is not that scary and can be managed with the right preparation and supplies.

Here’s a list of the must-have’s for every DIY mover!

1. Boxes

I’ll wait as you processes this mind-blowing information….

For those of you unaware, you will need boxes to move. Believe it or not, they come in handy for transporting your stuff across town, or across the country. You can purchase boxes or reusable plastic containers at your local hardware store.

However, for those of you wanting to go the free route, then you can always pick-up leftover boxes at your local Wal-Mart during overnight stocking or you can pick-up boxes from your local liquor store by talking with a manager. The liquor store boxes are great for fragile items because they are usually smaller and more durable.

2. Tape

Here is another life changing revelation.

You will need to purchase packing tape to help reassemble boxes that were broken down and to close up full boxes.

3. Dolly

During the moving day you want to do your best to prevent injury, therefore, either rent (from your moving truck company) or purchase a two-wheeled dolly.

A dolly will help you to move large pieces of furniture, heavy boxes, and multiple boxes all at once, saving you the extra trip. It will, also, help you limit the chance of wearing yourself out or injuring your back.

4. Bubble Wrap / Newspapers

In order to better protect your fragile items, such as, dishes, glasses, or decor items, you will need to have plenty of newspaper and or bubble wrap. This will save your fragile items from being broken during the move, ensuring that everything arrives safely to its new home.

5. Trash bags

While packing up your house you will find odd items that you may choose to throw away, if this is the case, then you’ll need to have some good durable trash bags.

We have always used construction bags, the ones from the hardware store, so that, if we wanted to throw away any large items we could without ripping or tearing the bag. Either way you are going to want to have some laying around.

6. Permanent Markers

Wrapping up our list of must-haves are permanent markers. These bad boys will let you label your boxes to help you stay organized while moving.

Honestly, there is nothing worse than getting to the new place and not knowing what is in what box. You will soon begin to regret it if you fail to label your boxes. Therefore, get permanent markers and label away! Also, as a pro-tip, make sure to label any boxes that might have fragile items inside, just an extra precaution to help your items arrive safely.

We hope that you have a great move, and we hope that you will now be better prepared!

Until next time, keep on loving our city.

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