Signs It Is Time To Relocate – Part One


Shelley Koster
Bartlesville and Grand Lake Realtor

Relocating is a tough decision for anyone to make. There are always the optimistic questions about where you will live and what type of home you want, but there are also the fearful questions, such as, “Is this the right move?” or “Will this be beneficial for my family’s future goals?” It can make any person who is considering relocating worried and stressed.

We do not want that for you.

We want you to be confident in your decision to relocate, whether it be across town or to a new state. That is why we have put together a list of signs that it is time to relocate. We hope that these signs will help to make your decision easier and put your mind at ease.

1. Money.

Money is always a huge determining factor on whether or not you should downsize, or upsize your current housing situation.

In order to upsize and purchase a home or a bigger home, you will need to have your finances and credit score in check. This will help you to obtain a mortgage and give you room in your budget to make a larger house payment.

If you find it hard to make ends meet or you are failing with your financial goals, you might be looking into downsizing. Downsizing, is never a bad thing, it shows that you are financially responsible and you want to make good investments for your future. If you are downsizing, you will want to find a home that is cost efficient and fits your family’s needs, giving you room to grow in the future.

2. You’ve outgrown your space.

When your home begins to feel like the walls are closing in and you’ve used every square-inch, TWICE, then it might be time to relocate. As your family grows, there will be less and less space, which could leave you wanting to pull your hair out. Rather than suffering through, you might consider looking into your options to get a bigger home.

3. The kids have left home.

On the other side of the coin is too much space. If the halls of your once full home are now empty and bare, then you might want to look into getting something that is smaller. Downsizing is a valid option when you are finding it difficult to maintain your current space.

4. You have a dream, that doesn’t fit your city.

We all have a dream, something that we want to do, but not all of our dreams fit where we live. Sometimes in life, we must move on to achieve more. Maybe you’ve hit a ceiling in your job and a promotion is very unlikely, or you want to open a new business, but the market in your town isn’t there, then it might be time to relocate. If relocating will help you to live your dreams, then do it.

5. It cost too much to repair than to buy a new.

Over the years, our homes get older. Shocker, I know. But, it is the truth. If your home has fallen into disrepair and the cost of repair is way more than the cost to buy a new home, then it might be time to relocate.

If you have any questions or you want a listing of the homes in your market contact our team.

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