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If you’ve seen The Brave Little Toaster, then you know how hard it can be on appliances when they get left behind. However, we think the owner, Rob, might have been a bit confused as to what he should and shouldn’t leave behind. Therefore, we created this list to help Rob and others like Rob leave their house the right order.

Things you should leave behind:

1. Built-ins

Bookcases and shelves that have been permanently put into the walls either by you or the original builder, typically stay with the home.

2. Landscaping

Trees, flowers, and shrubs! Oh my! They’ll be staying with the house.

3. Door knobs

Door knobs, cabinet knobs, and drawer knobs will either stay with the house or they will need to be replaced by you prior to moving out.

4. Custom Items

If you installed custom fitting blinds, plantation shutters, or curtains to fit your doors or windows, then you’ll need to leave those behind. Chances are they wouldn’t fit in your new home anyway.

5. Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors will stay with the home. This includes any alarm systems or other built in systems that would be a headache to remove.

Rule of Thumb

Just as a good catchall, anything that is meant to be permanent should remain with the home. Unless, you plan to hire a contractor to come remove it and replace it.

Things you should take with you:

1. Light Fixtures

Not all light fixtures are created equal, there are some that you might have grown attached to over the years. For this reason, you can make arrangements with the buyer to take these fixtures with you when you leave.

2. Prescription Medications

Obvious, right? Actually, not always. Prescription medicine is one of those things that a person might carry with them. So, when throwing things into a box one might think, I’ll get these when I pack my overnight bag, thus they get left behind.

3. Storage

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into a home after the previous owners to find Christmas decorations left in the attic. Out of sight, out of mind is great until you’re looking for your tree in the middle of December with no clue to its whereabouts.

4. Appliances

Some lenders require that the house come with an oven installed before approving a loan, but all other appliances are up to you. However, leaving them behind can be a selling point, especially for first time homebuyers who might not have a refrigerator laying around.

5. Furniture

You’re most likely going to remember to grab your couch and loveseat, but again, there are pieces that are out of sight, out of mind, such as the patio furniture. It’s always good to perform a walk-through, one more time, before you head off.

Rule of Thumb

Check every nook and cranny to make sure you didn’t leave behind something that you didn’t want to leave behind.

6. Toasters

A toaster coming to find you in a cartoon might be normal, but one coming back to you in real life is weird. So, pack it up along with your other things, chances are you will use it at the new place!

Even though there are somethings that you will have to part with, just know that as long as you bring all that is important to you the move to your new home will be a magnificent one!

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